Entertainment ideas for your next patio party

Heat things up this winter with these different party ideas

Sometimes the good old party standards are just, well, old. If your friends are turning down invites to your annual outdoor winter party, it might be that those party tricks you love to pull out have been used a few too many times.
If it’s your first time throwing a party on your patio over the winter period, you don’t have to worry about a bad turnout. As long as you keep your entertainment ideas are refreshingly on trend and in line with the season, your guests will be asking you to plan another party before they’ve even left the first.

Here are a couple of winning ideas to help you throw a successful patio party this winter:

Dinner under the stars

There is nothing extraordinary about a dinner party but that doesn’t mean that this classic favourite can’t be brought up to speed with current trends. Choose a clear night to invite friends over for an alfresco dining experience and supply them with all the trappings needed to feel cosy whilst outdoors. Think knitted blankets, gluhwein and even a thick rug under the table. Create added ambience by layering candles of different heights on the table and the floor nearby.

Laid back sing-a-long

If you’re keen to design a more relaxed and intimate feel for the evening, gather guests around a small bonfire and firepit. Be sure to supply plenty of marshmallows for toasting, hot chocolate and, if you want your guests to sing, a bottle of good red wine. Recline and relax whilst the flames mesmerise you into a near-sleep state. The key ingredient to this evening is your friend that can strum a decent tune on guitar.

Decadent dessert bar

Whilst winter may unfortunately cancel out the desire for ice-cream, it does replace it with warm, sticky puddings that melt cold-fronts away with the very first mouthful. What better way to celebrate these sugary delights than with a dessert bar. This party idea will require all your guests to be involved as each couple will need to bring a dessert, preferably homemade, for the others to try. Watch new friendships form over moreish malva pudding, sumptuous souffle and tantalising tarts.

King karaoke

Perhaps your guests like a livelier stage than a campfire sing-a-long. Throw a karaoke night party by setting out the necessary equipment in a sheltered outdoor entertainment area. Move furniture out of the way for a small dancefloor and set the lights low to create a moody feel. If you live in close confines with your neighbours, however, this is probably not the best party choice for you.
With these hot entertainment ideas, the next patio party you throw will be a winter favourite!

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